Monday, December 31, 2012

1 .Ladies fingers..
Eat 2 ,3 young ladies fingers ( benda kaayalu ) in the early morning for 20 to 40 days..
avoid soar food ,eat sweet things..and avoid intercorse during the medication period
uses - improves semen and penis strength

2 .dirisena ginjalu ( sirissa tree seeds ) - 100 gm
    buffelo milk ( having male calf )
get dry the seeds well and grind with milk for 24 hours..
make the tablets in the size of soapnut seeds ..,get dry and store..
take 1 tablet with water twice a day..
uses - improves penis capacity ,cures impotency..

3 .dintena roots bark powder ( clitorea ternatea ) - 3 gm
take the powder with milk for 40 days..
uses - improves semen and penis capacity..

4 .doola gondi ginjalu ( cowhage seeds ) - 1 part
    gobbi ginjalu (asteracantha longifolia ) - 1 part
    cow milk
    sugar  candy powder - 2 parts
    boil the seeds in the cow milk on simflame in an earthen bowl till the milk is completely evaporated..,then get dry them and grind in to powder...,add sugar candy powder..,mix well and store..
take 1/2 spoon mixture with 1 cup of cow milk ( added with sugar candy powder ) ,twice a day ,1 hour before meal..
uses - the sex capacity will be stabilised till the continuous usage of the mixture

5 .doola gondi roots powder - 40 gm
    fried a little bengal gram powder - 10 gm
    seema badam pappu podi ( almonds powder that are soaked and dried ,ground) - 40 gm
    akkala karra root powder ( pellitory root ) - 20 gm
    jaji kaya powder ( nutmeg ) - 10 gm
    kunkuma flowers - 5 gm
grind all the above with water..,make the tablets in the size of soapnut seeds ..,get dry to the air..,and store..
take 1 tablet with water ,drink 1/2 cup of milk ,2 hours before sex..
uses - penis strength and erection capacity will be improved ,provides great pleasure..

6 .big doolagondi root ( cowhage )
   female goat urine
soak the root in the urine at night ..,get in the morning..,and again soak it in the urine at night ,and get dry in the morning..,do this process for 7 days..
then get dry well the root and store it..
grind some root with water ,extract gandham..,apply this to the penis ..,after dry..,practice sex..
uses - cures impotency..,penis strength will be improved..

7 .donda leaves ( momordica monodelpha ) - 2
    thella guriginjala powder ( indian liquorice ) - 2 gm
    fried veligaram powder - 2 gm
    lemon juice - adequate
mix and grind the above well ..,apply to the penis before sleeping ..get wash in the morning ..,do this for 20 days..
uses - penis will get strength..,capacity will be improved..

8 .gobbi ginjalu ( asteracantha longifolia seeds )
    red cloth
    red thread
pack the some seeds in the cloth..,bind this small packet with the red thread to the waist ..,and practice sex..
uses - penis strength will be improved..,erection capacity will be improved..

9 . white gel of the eggs ( non hybrid ) - 1 part
      black sesame seeds - 1 part
mix the above and get dry in the sun light...,the next day..,again add white gel and get dry..,do this continuously for 11 days..,then grind in to powder and store..
take 10 gm in the morning daily
uses - cures impotency..penis strength will be improved..

10 .nela thadi dumpala powder ( hypoxis orchioides )
      buffelo butter
mix the above and keep in an earthen bowl.,close well and keep this bowl in the middle of paddy or wheat..for a week days..,then take out the mixture ,get dry and grind in to powder ,store..
grind some powder with water and apply to the back part of the penis ( leave front part ) in the night ,get wash in the morning..,do this for a week days only..
uses - cures penis weakness ,improves penis strength

11 . nela thadi dumpala powder- 50 gm
       thulasi seeds powder - 50 gm
       cow milk - 1 cup
mix the powders and store..
take 5 gm with water and drink milk ,twice a day..
uses - improves youngness..penis strength.

12 .cotton
      honey wax
      cow ghee
      grind the cotton with honey wax..,make vatti ( thick thread )..,take ghee in a small earthen flat bowl..,keep the vatti in the ghee and light up it with match stick..
keep this light in the bed room..,do sex in this light only..
uses - sex time will be prolonged..,penis erects for long time..

13 .paleru kayala podi ( small caltrops nuts powder ) - 5 gm
      sugar candy powder - 5 gm
mix  the above and take with 1 cup of milk ,twice a day.
uses - improves semen ,penis strength ,cures PME ,impotency..

14 . bodatharam roots powder ( spheranthus indicus roots powder ) -  3 fingers ful
       water - 1 cup
take the above ,in the early morning daily..avoid other food things eating for 1 hour
uses - improves penis strength ,semen ,digestion power ,eye sight ,blood volume..
avoid tamarind soar ..

15 .mamidi pindelu ( young mango fruits ) - 10 gm
      amla bark - 10 gm
      bedda nut bark ( tanikaya ) - 10 gm
      gomoothra shilajith - 40 gm
      mix the above and store..
take 3 gm mixture with 1 spoon honey ,twice a day for 40 days..
uses - improves semen ,strength ,cures excessive urination..

16 .black gram flour
grind the flour with water ..,apply to the penis ,then cover with cloth,bind it....,after dry ,remove the cloth and get wash the penis..
uses - penis weakness will be cured ,gets strength..

17 .black gram flour
       ghee and sugar candy powder or  ginger ,garlic ,chilly powder mixture..
make idlis with flour ( boiling on vapour ) .,eat with above things..
uses - with in 40 days cures impotency..,improves penis strength

18 .black gram flour ( fried a little )
      sugar or jaggery
mix the above ..,make round laddus and store..
eat regularly ..
uses - cures meha vatha diseases ,improves semen and strength..
19 .black gram - 50 gm
      seema badam seeds ( almond ) - 10 seeds
      ghee - 50 gm
      milk - 400 gm
     sugar candy powder - 50 gm
    soak the black gram in the water for a whole night,,
soak the almonds in hot water ,then remove peal ,and grind with some milk..
then mix all the above ..,and cook ,make a sweet dish
eat daily in the early morning  for 40 days..
uses - cures impotency..,improves semen ,strength..
20 .medi chettu beradu podi ( gular fig bark powder ) - 1 part
    banian young shoots powder ( marri chigurla podi ) - 1 part
      sugar candy powder - 2 parts
      milk - 1 cup
mix the above powders ,take 10 gm mixture with 1 cup of milk ,twice a day..
uses - imroves semen ,penis strength..
young banian shoots.( letha marri chigurlu )   - 1 part
sugar candy powder  - 1 part
medi chekka powder  - 2 parts
milk - 1 cup
sugar candy powder  - 1 spoon
mix the above powders ,make a mixture..
eat 1 spoon powder ,then drink  1 cup milk with 1 spoon sugar candy powder added..
uses  - semen through urination ,premature ejaculation , decreasing semen volume ..etc problems will be solved..
eye inflammation ,head inflammation, foot inflammation ,urinary inflammation ,..caused by excessive heat will be cured..

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